Phytochemicals And The Health Value Of Colors

Phytochemicals in Human Health Protection Nutrition and Plant Defense Mother Nature has generously supplied the plant world with thousands of bioactive chemicals, in turn giving protection to assure health and regeneration of the species. In each edible plant are dozens, if not hundreds, of phytochemicals with health benefits that transfer to us through our diet. A simple way to grasp what phytochemicals do is to understand why plants have colors in the first place. Colorful chemicals can be described as pigments in two main classes:. more.

Do I Smell Bad From Cigarettes?

I Smell a Rat Poster Print by Michael Godard 36 x 24 We know its not good for us; we know it might get us sick or dead; we know we smell because we use it; we know its a bad habit; we know most people don’t like us to do it next to them… But then again – We still do it! Why?! People start smoking because they are curious. They want to know the effect on other people, why they use it, and cant stop when they want to. Does it really make us feel better or calmer? Will it really make us a part of the group if we use. more.

Water Filters: Do You Really Need One?

Do You Really Need Back Surgery A Surgeon s Guide to Neck and Back Pain and How to Choose Your Treatment In these days of so much hype about organic this and all-natural that, is the whole water filter craze just more hot air from health nuts trying to convince us that were dying one unfiltered swallow at a time? Im no health nut, and definitely not into all things organic, but Im a big fan of water filters! Think water purification is a relatively recent pursuit? Think again. Historians believe that the first use of water filters was over four thousand years ago! But it. more.

Latest Bifocal Contact Lenses To Weat Immediately

Acuvue Bifocal Contact Lenses 1 Box Colored contact lenses can be used to correct your sight. But have you ever dreamed of having brown eyes or blue eyes so that you can attract other peoples attention? If you want so, you can easily get those eyes now! Yes. It is true. It is easy to change your eye color through colored contact lenses. With the advancement in technology there are many options available now. Contact lenses in different colors without eye correction are available in stores now. You can buy. more.

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